4-n-1 Laser Model

The laser control system is accurate to within 1/4" in 1000'.

Laser target and control units are included with 4-N-1 Laser Model (actual unit may vary, call for details).

Operate either manually or in automatic mode.


Hydraulics run from a standard 1/2" remote outlet.


Prepare more ground in less time, increasing profits!


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The Laser Model incorporates a comprehensive leveling control system that continuously adjusts the position of the tool to the desired grade — automatically! The core components are a tractor-mounted control panel, a five-light target, and a proportional valve which controls the flow of hydraulic fluid. The Laser Model comes complete with everything shown and includes level laser sending unit with tripod.

Click Overview to see a detailed description of the standard features of every 4-N-1 tool.

Below is a chart of specifications of the three basic styles of 4-N-1 for comparison:

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